Understanding Islamic Finance
epub | 2.07 MB | English | Isbn:978-9792252323 | Author: Muhammad Ayub | PAge: 810 | Year: 2013
Category:Business & Money


In Understanding Islamic Finance Muhammad Ayub introduces all the essential elements of this growing market by providing an in-depth background to the subject and clear descriptions of all the major products and processes associated with Islamic finance.
Key features include:
  • Discussion of the principles of Islamic finance;
  • Introduction to the key products and procedures that International Financial Institutions are using or may adopt to fund a variety of clients ensuring Sharī´ah compliance;
  • Discussion of the role Islamic finance can play in the development of the financial system and of economies;
  • Practical and operational examples that cover deposit and fund management by banks involving financing of various sectors of the economy, risk management, accounting treatment, and working of Islamic financial markets and instruments.

This book is not only an important text for all banks and financial institutions entering this particular...

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